The Enern sportsevent is known as beautiful and family oriented. Here we have both the expert and those who want to participate for fun and health! The five events are; Skienern – a cross country skiing race, Randoenern – a randone ski touring race, Sykkelenern – a bike race, Fjellenern – a running/walking vertical race, Dynafit Trollheimen fjellmaraton – a marathon set in mountainous terrain. All of them, with the charming mountain town Oppdal as the host of the event. Come and join us in one or all of our yearly races.

Skienern – a beautiful event along one of Norway`s most famous valleys.
42 km, 23 km, 13 km

Randoenern – a randone ski touring event.
15 km/5 mountains, 10 km/ 3 mountains, 3 km/ 1 mountain

Sykkelenern is a bike event, known as the most beautiful in Norway.
76 km, 42 km, 25 km

Fjellenern in an autumn colours event – the highest point with over 1000 metres above sea level!
Vertikal: 8 km, 7 km

Dynafit Trollheimen fjellmaraton is a running experience that caters to all types of runners, from those who just want to finish the breath-taking course, through to elite athletes in search of an uncompromising challenge.
Marathon: 42 km/2200m height gain, 23 km/1200 height gain

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